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This is a six week course that follows along with the Sunday Lectionary readings beginning on October 9th through November 13th, designed for small groups at Saint Joseph Catholic Community.  The series begins with the story of Yoseph the Leper, a imaginative look into the lives of the lepers that met Jesus.  This is followed by the parables of prayer, that of the Persistent Widow, and the Pharisee and the Tax Collector.  Jesus then turns from parables to the wonderful conversion story of Zacchaeus that sums up much of his journey to Jerusalem.  Finally, in Jerusalem, Jesus is confronted by the Sadducees concerning the resurrection, and the people's wonder over the Temple.   

"Breaking Out" is a four session small group course that is coordinated  with a four part series of homilies beginning April 17 and concluding May 8 of the Easter season of 2016.  The series follows the texts for the season drawn from Acts, Revelation and the Gospel of John.  Christ broke out from the tomb, and challenges us all to break out of our protective shells into a whole new way of being, purpose, and mission.  The thrust of the first session is, "We Can't Stay Here," followed by the others titled "Look out the Door,"   "Step out in Peace and Confidence," and finally "In Christ You are Stronger than you Think."  

Jacob; His Family and Yours: Family Dynamics and Spiritual Formation is a course of study for formation groups here at St. Joseph's that integrates a study of the biblical stories of the patriarchs in the Book of Genesis with family systems theory, as well as insights from the great spiritual masters of 2000 years of Church history.  The course is meant to show how we grow spiritually in the context of our families, both biological and ecclesial, even “dysfunctional” ones.


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